Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Guide (2023)

Prepper Stashes are amazing because they give you awesome loot. However, this means that finding them can never be easy. Even though you will probably have seen and explored one or two, chances are that you are yearning to put your hands on some of that tasty loot that surely awaits. To help you do that, you need this Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Guide.

Usually, games like Far Cry 5 have a lot of collectibles for you. However, they usually do not offer a lot of concrete rewards and usually only give you a trophy for your accomplishment.

A Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash is amazing because not only do you get the reward of having found something that was extremely well hidden, but you also get a lot of awesome loot for finding them which makes finding them all the more worthwhile.

They are caches of supplies and ammo, and a lot of cash. Some special ones even bestow unique weapons and vehicles. As hard as they might be to come across, they are even harder to unlock. They usually require a puzzle be solved or a side quest be done to open the chest.

There is a total of 29 Prepper Stashes hidden all over the maps. The regions sub-divided are Holand Valley, Hebane River, Whitetail Mountain and Dutch’s Island.

Let us go ahead and take a look at the locations of these Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash assorted in their respective regions.

Dutch’s Island (Tutorial)

Sunken Funds
This stash is found on a small island right in the middle of the world map and would probably be the first one you collect. Go to the Dutch’s Region and look for the island east of Widow’s Creek. When you are there, head for the Silver Lake Boathouse until you see a large boathouse and a hut on a hill beside it overlooking the lake and zip line connecting the two.

Find the note on a wooden building to activate the quest. After that, go to the red boat and swim underneath the boat to come affront the boathouse. Enter and pull the lever marked by the yellow. This would open up another door. Once done, go to the wooden building with the note and interact with the pipe to allow yourself to open the large hatch on the floor. This shall drain all the water underneath you and uncover the stash. Go down and loot.

Holland Valley (John’s Region) Treasures

You will find this stash on the bridge towards the south end in John’s Region right before the bridge southeast of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Make way to the Bridge of Tears.

There you will see a hut on the near end of the bridge. Moreover, on a table aside from the road just before the bridge, find the note for the starting point. Alternatively, you can also talk to the NPC walking her dog nearby to start.

The stash lies underneath the bridge itself and is hard to retrieve, especially with the cultist spanning the bridge. Once you have the note, silently take out the cultists, zip to the scaffolding under the bridge and get a hook on the right side of the bridge span.

After that, grapple to the platform beneath the bridge and them jump to it. Now grapple off the span and successively swing on the scaffold platform to get the stash. You will receive a Hunter Outfit, 3x Perk Magazines, and $1000.

High Tension
This stash is on the Lincoln Lookout Tower in the Copperhead Rail Yard. We found the tower guarded by cultists with VIP among them and snipers posted on the tower.

Thus, it is advisable to raid the tower first and eliminate the snipers. Then use the post to take out the cultist patrol. This way you can proceed with the mission with the threat of a headshot looming over the head. Investigate the tower and choose the yellow note.

Now, ride the ziplines to the tree platform from the tower and repeat until you can go forward by balancing on a log. Here is one final zip line and your reward await it. You will receive 3x Perk Magazines and $1000.

This is found in the Doverspike Compound. It is straight north of the US Auto Cult Outpost after the deserted houses. Once there look for a hut to the left of the compound and find a notice on a box in the garden shed to start the pepper stash mission. Head inside and look for the keys in a bedroom side cabinet.

Once you have the key, go to the bunker and unlock it using the keys. Drop down at the head to the room with the Doverspike Note next to it. The switch in a room of the bunker to operate the electric lock. Now, quickly retrieve your stash and get out of there. You will receive x4 Scoped Sniper Rifles, $2000, and x3 Perk Magazines.

Dumpster Diving
At the same place as before, go to Dodd’s Dumps. Outside is the door to the compound. So, beware any uninvited guests.

First of all, clear all the cultists outside the compound and head inside. Now span for an office-like building, go inside to find the stash note and get to the platform to see some tricky business. What you need to do is to shoot the blue ropes hanging with the container. This will help you get to the platform on the far-left corner.

There, you will see a locked door around the corner. Thereon, avoiding being electrified, get to the container with the blue ropes. Ultimately the other side of the platform. You will find go around the outside until you find an entrance from where you can get in through the waterlogged area.

Turn on the power and then climb through the shelves to get to the platforms with the blue rope. Finally, jump across the water and get to the concrete steps to collect your reward that waits behind the doors.

Get to the Grain Elevator in John’s Region. The mission homecoming might ring a bell with this one.

To get in, you will need to kill multiple enemies to do that. Once there, inspect the note in the courtyard before climbing up the backside of the building and breaking the wooden boards to get in the building.

Inside you will encounter bees’ nests that you have to tread across steadily. The stash will be at the top of the building where you shot a sniper earlier.

Long Range Lockpick
This stash is found towards the Deep North Irrigation Reservoir in John’s Region. Find the note towards the south side of the reservoir near the bridge.

Get inside and lock the door. Out the window, you will see a snipe, posted in a shed. Take him out, zip to the tree platform, and get to the sniper’s spot. Take his gun and shoot at the electric lock with a sniper rifle. Now get back to the bridge and open the unlocked door to get the reward.

This is found at the Armstrong Residence, east of the Lamb of God Church.

First of all, get to Grace’s house and kill all of the cultists. Then read the note and get to the open window so that you can get inside. You will encounter an exploding water heater but no serious damage done. Move on and climb onto the fallen second floor.

Work your way through the house and get to a ramp where you can jump down to a room with a green metal chair. Here, go up the shelves and you will find a room with a safe. Crack the safe to get the items you want. You will receive an AR-CL Sniper Rifle.

Playing with Fire
This stash is in the Hope County Jail Bus. Get to the bus in the wooded area near the shallow lake near Lamb of God church. You will also find cultists in a camp outside the bus.

Find the stash note inside the bus and sweep the lake to find the pipe that leads to the stash. However, you cannot open the stash without the locksmith perk.

The key is near a moonshiner who is killed by a bear near the south exit of the pipe that you are in. Head back to open the gate and claim the stash.

Deep Dive
This stash is at the Laurel Residence. There you will find the stash note in the cottage kitchen. Moreover, outside, there is a locked shed and a bunker next to it.

Clear the residence of cultists and find the box in the cottage kitchen. Now get to a hut with the locked door and the hatch. Enter the hatch and get into the flooded bunker.

Get the keycard from the table and use it to enter the hut. Here, switch on the power and enter the bunker to get the stash which is hidden behind the wooden planks.

Man Cave
This stash is in the Sunrise Threshing, east of Fall’s End.

Kill all enemies to read the note on the ammo box towards the outside of the perimeter. Then, climb the red shed and get onto the grain silos. Now, zip line across to the roof of the garage and shoot the padlock.

After that, reverse the nearby pickup to connect it to the trailer and then drive the trailer away so that you can open the hatch that was covered by the trailer. Use the door to get inside the bunker and climb the stairs to find the stash. You will acquire a Custom 2012 Kimberlite TCZ.

Fire in the Hole
This is found in the Wellington Residence.

Hike all the way to the residence and kill all the members to get the note. The note is on a rock near the cabin. Shoot the floorboards in the cabin to find the ladder that goes to the mine tunnel. Collapse the wooden barrier and head to your right.

There you will find another barrier, behind which are a load to cultists. After clearing them all, move forward until you are in a pool of dark water and explode the shaft to swim through the water and find the stash.

Henbane River (Faith’s Region)

This stash is on a small island in the dead center of Silver Lake. Find the note on a wooden hut and head to the sunken building. Follow the yellow marker and turn right when traversing the underwater passage.

After this, continue to the ladder and climb up before heading left. Activate the yellow leaver and follow the marker to the caves. Now, swim through the caves until you get the stash.

Animal Control
This is found in the Howling Cave, north of Peaches Taxidermy.

Find the note that is quite easy and then shoot the cage with the wolves so they can kill the cultists. Keep on moving forward until you get to the main cave. Kill all the cultists and grapple to the helicopter to get your loot.

The Taft Lookout Tower in Faith’s Region houses has this stash.

Get to the tower and kill all of the enemies to get the note from inside the room. After that, hike to the base of the Raptor Peak. Use the grappling hooks to make your journey quicker.

Get to the resistance camp where they are under attack. Here, helping them is your choice as the stash is towards the northwest inside a tent.

Pooper Scooper
Go to faith’s section and visit the Silver Lake Summer Camp. Read the note in the blue box near the sign and get into the house using the wood near the upstairs window.

Get to the kitchen and listen to the phone message. After that, search through the trash until you get the keycard. Once you have it, open the porch door and go to the second cabin to get your loot.

Dead Man’s Treasure
Get to the Dead Man’s Mill located Northwest of Moonflower Trailer Park and use the trees on the hill sloping towards the mill to get sniping spot. Clear the area and then head towards the mill to search for the Prepper stash clue on a box.

To get inside the mill, get to the main door and look for a small opening. Take the Yellow Wheel from here and get back down the way you came. Head left and get to the bridge above the manmade waterfall. Insert the yellow wheel here into its slot and turn the flow of water off. Get to the cave beneath then and you will find all the prepper stash.

Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region) Treasures

Go to the Rattlesnake Trail Bridge near the PIN-KO Radar Station in John’s Region.

Open the box with the note and climb all the way to the top using grapples, ropes, and swinging points. When you get to the plane crash site, you can find the key in a wooden crate inside the wreckage.

The Angel’s Grave
This stash is in the Horned Serpent Cave in Faith’s Region.

Read the note at the blocked mouth of the cave and grapple above to get inside the cave. Keep on descending using the various different methods at your disposal until you get to a Peggie with his dog. They are guarding the stash.

The Holdouts
This is in Jacob’s region. Find it near Elliot’s residence.

First, find the house which has ‘fight the cult’ written on it and use the note to activate the quest. Then, look for the wooden hut with bullet holes and shoot the lock.

After that, go towards the wooden beam near the flowerpot and then the balcony window to get in. Then, move out to the roof using the toilet window and into the room with the fan to find the keycard required for claiming the loot.

O’Hara’s Haunted House
Find this stash at the barn entrance in Faith’s Region.

Get to the roof of the adjacent cottage once done and then drop onto the rods that have access to the attic. Pull the switch in the attic to open the entrance door. Now, move into the entrance and use the rope to get to the attic with the loot.

Go to McCullough’s Garage in Faith’s Region and read the note on the table inside the garage.

Head outside and shoot the planks so that you can access the garage bay. Inside the garage bay, open the door and move across the ramp to get to the office with the crates.

Continue moving until you enter the toilet and get the key from a toilet roll holder. Once you have the key, shoot the skylight lock to climb the two crates adjacent to it. Head to the roof and drop down to the double-locked doors that you can now open.

Side Effects
The Bright Warden Radon Spa in Faith’s Region has this stash.

Find the note outside the entrance of the mine and go to the tunnel on your left. Grapple across the bliss filled tunnel hole and shoot the door to get to the platforms. Here, flip the switch and go all the way back to the mouth of the cave to find the unlocked stash on the right side of the entrance.

Gone Squatchin
This stash is towards the south-west of Jacob’s region. Look for it in Dansky Cabin.

Once you have the note, follow the marker and go through the numerous grapple points and leaps to retrieve the key from the body and unlock the chest.

Salvage Rights
The same region as before, find the stash on a small island towards the north east of Widow’s Creek.

Find a tent to activate the quest and then go to the yellow marker. Look for a floating buoy to retrieve the key required to open the crate inside of the tent.

This is near the Ozhigwan Falls towards the east of Jacob’s region.

Pick a key from a dead body under the bridge and then go right to grapple down to where the Stash is. Simply read the note inside the truck and then open the stash.

Hangar Pains
This Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash is in the Lansdowne Airstrip in Jacob’s Region.

The note is outside the hangar and the key is on the roof. Deploy a helicopter from the shop in the hanger and then retrieve the key required to open the stash.

Unwelcome Guest
Go to the southwestern corner of Jacob’s region and get the note from Frank’s Cabin on top of the cliffside.

Go towards the back of the cabin and follow the path to the cave to pick up the key once you have the note. Just be careful of the bear that is waiting for you inside of the cave.

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